Oil Change near Fate TX



There are plenty of services that your vehicle will need so it can endure and last you on the roads of Fate, TX, and beyond. However, one of the most important, and most commonly needed, is the oil change. There are plenty of benefits to scheduling a timely oil change near Fate, Texas.

At Norm Reeves Subaru Superstore Rockwall, we’re here to provide some insight into the oil change, so you can get a sense of why it’s important, when it’s needed, and how you can tell it’s time to schedule yours!

How Oil Helps Your Engine

Oil performs a few important functions for your engine. Its main function is to act as a lubricant for the moving metal parts in your engine. It allows them to move efficiently without creating too much friction. Oil also helps by cooling these parts and reducing the heat that they generate while grinding together.

Another function of oil is to clean your engine parts. While the oil lubricates, it’s also soaking up any of the excess grease as well as the particles and debris in your engine.

Why Does My Oil Need to Be Changed?

Over time, and after the prolonged exposure to the engine heat, your oil will begin to break down. This is only exacerbated by its cleaning properties. Once it’s soaked up enough grease and debris, it’ll become thicker and less effective at lubricating the engine, cooling the parts, and keeping it clean.

When oil is in this state, you’ll want to have it changed. Because oil won’t lubricate the parts sufficiently, it can result in some issues that could lead to major problems and costly repairs.

How to Tell I Should Schedule an Oil Change near Fate TX

Staying on top of your oil change is important. The best way to know when to schedule your oil change is to find out how many miles your oil lasts, and cross reference it with the last time you had your oil changed. Other than keeping your eye on the odometer, there are a few other ways that you can tell that it’s time to schedule an oil change near Fate, TX:

  • Loud Engine Noises/Knocking
  • Engine Begins to Overheat
  • Decreased Efficiency
  • Sluggish Performance
  • Check Engine/Oil Change Light

If you notice any of these signs, it means that your vehicle is due for an oil change. You’ll want to schedule yours as soon as possible before your engine potentially seizes up and requires more complex service and maintenance.

Schedule Your Oil Change near Fate TX Today

Now that you’re aware of how important the oil change is, and how to tell you’re due for one, you’ll be ready for the time that your oil needs changing. When you keep track of your mileage, or you’ve noticed some of the signs listed above, you’ll want to schedule your oil change right away so you can take on the roads of Fate, Texas, with a vehicle that performs at its best and most efficient!

Schedule your oil change with us at Norm Reeves Subaru Superstore Rockwall!