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Step into the future with Subaru’s revolutionary electric car lineup, leading the path toward an electrified tomorrow. Experience the thrill of owning the captivating 2023 Subaru Solterra EV SUV, designed to exhibit Subaru’s famed all-terrain prowess while optimizing the merits of electric car technology. Revel in the perfect blend of Subaru’s iconic all-wheel-drive system and the groundbreaking technology of electric vehicles.

Why Choose Subaru Electric Vehicles

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Subaru’s electric vehicles shine with their unparalleled all-wheel-drive performance, heightened safety provisions, and unmatched durability. This robust base merges flawlessly with the forward-looking e-Subaru Global Platform, consolidating Subaru’s status as a formidable contender in the electric vehicle industry.

Subaru Solterra

Accept the reigns of Subaru’s prime electric model — the Solterra. This vehicle encapsulates the quintessential features of Subaru SUVs: unmatched off-road competency, dependable all-wheel drive, and roomy interiors. These attributes are magnified in the Solterra, empowering exhilarating escapades across both known and unexplored terrains in an environmentally responsible vehicle.

Additional Solterra Highlights

  • Flaunts a robust 72.8 Kwh Battery Capacity & Stardrive® All-Electric Drivetrain
  • Remarkable Ground Clearance of 8.3 Inches
  • All-Inclusive EyeSight® Driver Aid Systems
  • Integrated X-MODE® with Downhill Assist Control


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Charging Your Subaru EV

Subaru backs your transition towards electric mobility with our custom-made home charging solutions and extensive network. We are dedicated to presenting a greener substitute for your forthcoming commutes. Our home charging systems are user-friendly, affordable, and constructed to accommodate your distinct requirements


But home charging is just the start – whether you’re setting off on a local drive or a cross-country trip, rest assured:

  • You’ll have access to over 46,000 public charging stations, including high-speed Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) stations capable of charging up to 80% of your battery capacity in approximately an hour. This extensive network is made possible through our partnership with EVgo.
  • You’ll enjoy the Solterra’s impressive MPGe of up to 94 miles highway, 114 city.

Servicing Your Subaru EV

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In terms of effectiveness and low maintenance, Subaru’s Electric Vehicles outdo conventional internal combustion engines. The non-existence of oil-based lubricants does away with oil changes. However, a steady observation of tires and brakes to recognize any possible wear and tear is paramount.

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Subaru invites both faithful clients and newcomers to discover the beginning of unlimited electric mobility. Peruse our range of electric vehicles and get acquainted with the futuristic technology and environmentally conscious features that embody Subaru’s pledge towards a purer, more sustainable future. Embark on your electric mobility expedition with us today.