Subaru Outback Maintenance Schedule

It’s important to follow through on the recommended maintenance for your Subaru Outback, so it can continue its strong and efficient performance during your treks throughout Rockwall, Mesquite, and Garland, TX. In order to keep your vehicle running at its best for the years and miles, you’ll want to follow through on the Subaru Outback maintenance schedule.

At Norm Reeves Subaru Superstore Rockwall, we’re here to help you learn all about the various services, maintenance, and inspection that your Outback requires over the miles, so you can keep it in great shape and ensure that it performs optimally.

Understanding Your Outback Maintenance Schedule

Your Subaru Outback maintenance schedule is a guide that details the various forms of service and inspections that your vehicle will need throughout your ownership. It can help you stay ahead of any major services and plan ahead on your vehicle’s maintenance.

The maintenance schedule is broken down into mileage intervals. Since everyone drives differently, mileage is the most accurate form of measurement. Each time you hit a mileage interval, there will be a set of services that your vehicle needs. These intervals are to be repeated each time you hit that mileage on your odometer.

Your Outback Maintenance Schedule

  • 6,000 Miles – At your first visit, you’ll need to have some important services performed. These include the oil change and an oil filter replacement, as well as a tire rotation.
  • 12,000 Miles – During this service appointment, you’ll need all of the services listed above repeated. However, this visit adds a replacement of your HVAC system A/C filter, as well as inspections of your clutch operation, brake lines, fluid, discs, and your steering and suspension components.
  • 30,000 Miles – After a few different visits with repeated service, you’ll arrive to this one, which includes a few new inspections and services. You’ll need to have your air cleaner element and brake fluid replaced. You’ll also need to have your drive belt, fuel system, transmission gear oil, and your front and rear differential oil all inspected.
  • 60,000 Miles – This particular interval requires several repeated services. However, this visit adds a replacement of your front and rear differential oil and spark plugs.
  • 72,000 Miles – On top of the repeated services and inspections, this time you’ll need to have your fuel filter replaced.
  • 90,000 Miles – This visit requires a few different services and inspections that you’ve already had performed before. However, this one adds a replacement of your timing belt to the list.
  • 120,000 Miles – If you’ve kept up with service you’ll reach this interval, which on top of the various services to be repeated, you’ll need to have your engine coolant flushed and replaced. You’ll need to have this service performed every 75,000 miles thereafter.

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Now that you’re familiar with your Subaru Outback maintenance schedule and how it can keep your vehicle performing at its best on the roads of Rockwall, Mesquite, and Garland, Texas, you’re ready to stay on top of your vehicle’s needs.

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